Banana pancakes anyone?

I love making pancakes for my family on the weekend. And if I’m awake enough, I usually double the recipe and make smaller pancakes to take for morning tea during the week. Fresh pancakes are great for toddlers because you can mash the banana if they are still learning to chew or if you want to add some extra fruit, you can grate apple or pear or add chopped banana and blueberries like we do. I usually reduce the sugar in any recipe and do 1/2 wholemeal SR flour and 1/2 white SR flour to make them a bit healthier.


So here is my recipe, adapted from

* Wet ingredients

1 1/2 cups milk

1 egg

2 tsps. vanilla extract (use the real stuff, it’s much tastier!)

* Dry ingredients

1 cup wholemeal self raising flour

1 cup white self raising flour

1/4 tsp bicarb soda

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1/4 cup sugar


Olive oil to cook pancakes

Banana, blueberries, raspberries, mashed banana, grated apple/pear or even desiccated coconut to add to the top when cooking on pan.


Add wet ingredients to a jug and whisk. Then slowly add to sifted dry ingredients. I use a hand beater to mix it, I find if I whisk it by hand, it can get a bit clumpy. Cook in a frypan with olive oil in the sizes you desire. I like medium size for breakfast and then smaller ones (don’t forget to double the batter if you want extra) for the next day. This usually makes about 8 medium size pancakes.


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About the author of this blog post

Valerie is an Australian based Speech Pathologist in Newcastle with 10 years experience in Paediatric Feeding. She has recently opened a private practice called ‘Let’s Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology’ that caters for Newcastle based babies and children with feeding difficulties and early intervention speech and language delays. Valerie is passionate about working in the area of paediatric feeding and special needs and has been involved in the teaching and training of Australian Speech Pathology University students and allied health professionals. You can find out more about Valerie Gent and ‘Let’s Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology’ via her website and Facebook page SpeechPathology or email her on