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Do you need a referral?

No - you do not need a referral to book in.

Do you see NDIS clients?

Yes with one exception. We see all clients under the NDIS scheme EXCEPT if your child is agency managed (i.e., your other therapists log onto the NDIS portal to claim payment for your child's sessions).

This means we can see your child if your child's billing method is

  1. NDIS plan managed
  2. NDIS self managed

If your child's billing method is our "exception" (agency managed - via the NDIS portal) then please consider changing your payment method or you will have to pay for the appointment privately (your personal expense and not funded by the NDIS).

What days are you open?

Our clinic is open Monday - Friday. We have a team of therapists and they all work different days. Please contact the clinic on 02 4911 2364 (Monday - Friday/9am-5pm) for further details. 

Where is the clinic?

33a Morehead Street, Lambton

What is your PO box to mail letters to?

PO Box 148, Lambton NSW 2299

 What areas of Speech Pathology do you cover?

- Paediatric Feeding - anything related to sucking, chewing, swallowing and general feeding difficulties in babies, children and teenagers. Our team is highly experienced and trained in all areas of feeding.

We do not see children for speech and language issues.

What does it cost to make an appointment?

Fees vary so please see the drop down box "fees" on our website.

Can I get a rebate for appointments?

Yes you can, we are registered with private health funds (depends on your level of cover), Medicare (if your GP deems you are eligible for this rebate) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

How many sessions will my child need?

We would love to have a magic wand! But feeding therapy is about guiding you to make changes at home to support the feeding development of your child. This means, one appointment (the assessment) will not fix everything. We will need to see your child on an ongoing basis to make those positive changes. Our clinical outcomes are very positive and our reputation strong. We are very passionate about what we do and we know we can make a positive difference. All of our sessions have the feeding goals clearly written down so you know we are working in the best way to achieve the feeding goals for your child.

What happens after the initial appointment?

During the assessment, your therapist will discuss some feeding strategies to start at home, these will be written down for you during the appointment or emailed within a week. You will then be offered a follow up appointment to review the feeding strategies. For some families, we may suggest parent coaching sessions (so your child doesn't need to attend the appointment) and you will be supported in making changes at home. But for other families, we may suggest a block of therapy in the clinic. We can arrange home visits (travel fee applies) but do not generally work in schools because feeding therapy is about making changes in your home. After all assessments, you will receive a feeding summary report within 2-3 weeks of the last appointment.

See you soon

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