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Feeding Mentoring

The Let's Eat team absolutely love mentoring! We truly love supporting other therapists to help feeding cases become easier and less stressful for them. Our team has supervised university students and mentoring speech pathologists, occupational therapists and dietitians around the country.

Feeding mentoring can be face to face or using online platforms such as Zoom and Skype but it can also be as easy as picking up the phone and having a chat. Therapists out of area have also arranged to come to our clinic and work shadow.

Why do we mentor therapists? Because we know it takes more than “attending one feeding course” to actually know how to help a child with feeding difficulties. We know it’s stressful for these therapists who don’t have the clinical knowledge after attending a “one off” course to be then expected by their managers to get back into clinic and treat feeding cases.

Mentoring with Let's Eat means that we will breakdown the theory so that you can turn it into practical steps and see the bigger picture.

We can run through what an assessment might look like, how to do an oral muscle assessment, and then review in our next session, what you saw when the child was eating and how to help fix the feeding difficulties.

COST:  Dependent on the therapist:

Let's Eat! Therapist - Ashleigh O'Loughlin - $195/hour

Let's Eat! Owner - Valerie Gent - $220/hour

What do you get for this cost?

  1. Face to face time with us to discuss your feeding cases – over skype or the phone
  2. Support with how to run a feeding assessment: what to ask the parents, what to do with the kids/babies/toddlers, what foods
    to observe, and how to tell what’s normal and what’s not?
  3. Help with planning your therapy sessions including your clinic layout, data taking, feeding equipment, therapy summaries
    for the parents and even what foods you might use with your patient.
  4. Resources will be share and feeding programs discussed
  5. Reports can also be emailed and reviewed prior to sending out to your families (cost incurred)
  6. Videos of your patient’s mealtime can also be taken and reviewed during your meetings.
  7. Work shadow opportunities in the clinic are also available.

Ready to get started? Email for the paperwork and appointment times. 

We can't wait to learn with you over cases.

Val and Ash

Let's Eat! Feeding team