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Founded by Valerie Gent, Let's Eat! Feeding Therapy is a Newcastle based Private Paediatric Feeding intervention service for babies and children from birth to adolescence.

Feeding difficulties in babies and children can be very stressful for parents as well as their child. The goal of Let's Eat! is to empower the family to be able to understand and respond to the feeding difficulties their child may present with. Treatment is clinic based but home and school visits can be arranged with an additional travel fee.

The team at Let's Eat is passionate about feeding difficulties, we love working with families in a practical and team focused way.

We look forward to working with you too!

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Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy2 days ago
But I’m NOT hungry for my dinner!

My books have arrived 🙌 currently available on pre-order on Book depository. The online sales link for my website is coming out this week. Will post the QR code as soon as it’s launched.

If you are local to Newcastle then please keep Sunday 27th June free.

As you know our new clinic is based in Lambton. The Lambton community are having their 150 year festival celebration and we have been invited to join!

The entire week (21-27 June) have celebrations planned with local business sales, walking theatres and on Sunday, a big market with food trucks, music etc on Lambton Park.

So pencil it in your diary and come find our table (next to the roses) with Early Start Speech Pathology in Lambton Park on Sunday 27th June. We can’t wait to see you and show you the book (and our new clinic) at this HUGE local community party. So much fun!!

Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy3 days ago
COVID Pfizer vaccine done- protecting my family and my clients.

Let’s get this done everyone! 🇦🇺 Val
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy5 days ago
Does your child attend a preschool or childcare?

Would you mind sharing this flyer with them please? We are keen to support all childcares with evidence based responsive feeding strategies.

We hear stories of force feeding, bribing and food withholding to entice kids to eat- it doesn’t work and worse- can cause trauma with feeding. Let’s change that narrative from the ground level up for all kids.

Thanks, Val Gent, Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy & Feeding Therapy Australia
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy6 days ago
“Some of the most beautiful, strong and unique people I know are disabled”

“I find that the word “disabled” to me means strength, beauty and family”.

Love ❤️ this interview with Kurt Fearnley and ABC Kids Community.

Please watch it, Kurt answers each question with humour, honesty and such wisdom. He is also a pretty amazing man himself!
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy
Let’s Eat- Feeding Therapy1 week ago
It’s cold, windy and dark in Newcastle this afternoon so we thought a joke was in order.

To all the parents of fussy eaters who refuse dinner- we hear you! 🤷🏽‍♀️ #bigsnack 😉