Appointment fees

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Baby feeding assessment $270

This is typically for a newborn baby (between 0-5 months of age) who is having difficulties with either breast or bottle feeding. The 1 1/2 hour feeding assessment includes an oral muscle assessment and feeding observation. Please bring all bottles, EBM/formula to the appointment. A feeding letter will be sent to your doctor after this appointment.

Basic feeding assessment $295

This is typically for a toddler (starting solids at 5 months onward) or preschooler who needs a straight forward feeding assessment. They don't have any other difficulties apart from feeding. Children seen for this 1 1/2 hour assessment are commonly:

  • Toddlers having difficulties learning to start solids.
  • Toddlers gagging or choking on lumps or textured food.
  • Garden variety fussy eaters between 18 months and 5 years of age. These fussy eaters generally eat foods but avoid other foods.
  • All feeding assessments receive a summary letter and feeding plan after the appointment.

Complex feeding assessment $570 

  • These assessments are conducted over 2 appointments.
  • These assessments are for children with complex needs. They often have more than one concern eg delayed feeding and motor/speech difficulties.
  • They may have a diagnosis and an established therapy team and managing medical team.
  • This assessment is suited for children under the NDIS scheme (3 hours total funding required for feeding assessments @$190/hour)
  • The first hourly appointment is for the parent/carer only. This is to review medical and feeding history as well as discuss feeding concerns.
  • The second hourly appointment is for the child where a thorough feeding assessment, oral motor assessment and feeding strategies will be trialled. A feeding management plan will also be discussed at this time.
  • This assessment type includes a more detailed feeding report and feeding plan which will be provided within 2 weeks of the second appointment.
  • Please note that Lets Eat Speech has undergone verification (not certification) which means that we can see children 7 years and above in the NDIS scheme. For any child, 6 years and under, the child will need to be self managed or 3rd party managed (i.e. not portal managed) to access feeding services with Lets Eat Speech. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Feeding therapy is again based on the complexity of the child.

Basic feeding therapy $170 - one hour

This follows on from the first 2 types of feeding assessment (newborn baby and basic feeding assessments). Parents are required to bring all foods for these appointments. Homework and a written plan is provided during the appointment.

Complex feeding therapy $190- one hour

More suited for complex feeding cases where we may need to liaise with your Occupational Therapist, Dietitian and Psychologist. Therapy can occur jointly with another therapist. Homework and a written plan is always provided during the appointment. Parents will be asked to bring foods, some sessions may involve cooking after food and kitchen safety is discussed. We may occasionally bring some foods for the session as well.

Additional charges - applies to both basic and complex cases and a quote will be provided prior to the services listed below.

  1. Reports for third party eg NDIS review reports, school feeding management plans, letters to supplement GP referrals to specialists.
  2. School and preschool visits
  3. Home visits
  4. Extended phone calls and resulting feeding planning with other therapists
  5. Ongoing phone consults and extensive email follow up with families after initial appointments.
  6. Skype/Zoom calls with families or other professionals.
  7. Modified Barium Swallow (xray hospital swallow assessments) - referral paperwork and if required, attendance during the assessment.

What to bring to your first appointment

1. Background medical and feeding history information such as blue books, medical and allied health reports.

2. A range of food and drink for your child eg yoghurt (purée), fruit (eg banana, apple), vegetables (eg Carrot sticks), sandwich and water. Ideally, bring a selection of food your child eats well and foods they struggle with or refuse to eat. If your child is a baby, please bring their bottles (if using), formula or expressed breast milk (unless breastfeeding) and dummies (if using).

3. A video of your child eating at home with the family – a quick video on your phone is ideal.

4. Rebate paperwork eg Medicare EPC GP letters ($52.95 rebate for 5 calendar allied health sessions/year). This needs to be organised with your GP before your feeding appointment.

A change of clothes for babies and toddlers is often useful as well.

If you have any further questions about billing, please speak with Val (owner), she always goes above and beyond with all of their patients particularly those that require additional work related to their feeding complexity. 

Allergies - if your child has allergies, you will be required to bring all specialised foods and drinks (as well as cutlery and feeding equipment if they are Anaphylactic with any foods), please also remember to bring their medication and/or epi-pen. A risk assessment will also be completed with you before we start feeding your child as the clinic currently is exposed to all foods including nuts in other sessions. We apologise for the inconvenience but your child's safety is our utmost concern. Thank you.