My top 5 toddler feeding equipment

Every time I visit a family home for a feeding assessment for their child, I frequently turn up with my box of “tricks” – basically a box of feeding bottles, cups, bowls, spoons and random food items. You never know when you might need to try something….

Yes, I do buy a lot of baby feeding things, are you like me? Do you have a cupboard full of baby equipment? I absolutely love browsing through baby sections in supermarkets and baby shops (dag that I am) to see what’s new and I frequently buy anything that looks interesting because I want to know if it works? or is it another dust collector for my and your kitchen shelves? So without further ago, here are my top 5:

1) Unbelievabowl Super strong suction bowl has been tried and tested by my kids and patients and it’s pretty tricky to pull this one off (or throw it off a high chair for that matter). The section system is similar to a GPS system and the bowl clicks in – very snazzy!

suction bowls2) Staying in the Heinz range, I love the soft tip weaning spoons for 4-6 month old babies starting solids for the first time. The spoon is soft and small enough to get into little mouths:

heinz spoons3) The Take and Toss First Years cups are great for toddlers, some of the newer ranges even have a little lid so you can pop them into your handbag without any spillage. Cheap, simple and easy to use – love it!take and toss cups

4) Flexi cut out cups are great for children with special needs who need supervision with how much fluid enters their mouths. These cups are soft and easy to bend so you can cup it around to fit your child’s mouth. There are some great deals online.

flexi cup5) YOU- forget the TV, ipad and toys. Eat your meal (or a smaller version) when your child is eating theirs, not only does this model some great mealtime behaviour, it also encourages conversation and interaction.  There is a lot to be said for cultures where eating together is the norm. If your child is old enough, get them to help you prepare a meal, encourage them to judge their serving size (second helpings are allowed!) and talk to them about their day. Your child will look forward to mealtimes because they have your undivided attention and will delight in it!

eat together stay togetherSource of picture:

I could have had a longer list as my feeding box is getting quite big now but I’m going to throw the discussion over to you as parents – what are your favourite pieces of equipment to use at mealtimes with your child? And what is your biggest dust collector?

Until next time, happy eating!


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About the author of this blog post

Valerie is an Australian based Speech Pathologist with 10 years experience in Paediatric Feeding. She has recently opened a private practice called ‘Let’s Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology’ that caters for Newcastle based babies and children with feeding difficulties and early intervention speech and language delays. Valerie is passionate about working in the area of paediatric feeding and special needs and has been involved in the teaching and training of Australian Speech Pathology University students and allied health professionals. You can find out more about Valerie Gent and ‘Let’s Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology’ via her website and Facebook page SpeechPathology or email her on


4 thoughts on “My top 5 toddler feeding equipment

  1. Rita Adams

    It is really very important for babies, kids and even us to have proper equipments most especially with different eating utensils that we use. It all starts with bottles for milk then will gradually change as the baby will age. Those utensils shown above are wonderful and so colorful that I know the kids will truly love. Eating together with your entire family is a great way to start conversations and will also keep your bond as one big happy family. -

    • I couldn’t agree more, thanks for your comment Rita!

  2. Maddie Ferraro

    Hi Val,

    Found your website through work! Congratulations on your lovely business. I hope it is going well. Your baby boy is gorgeous. Great website and photos- off to try and find a Heinz bowl.

    Hope all is well,


    • Hi Maddie, it’s been ages! Thank you, I’m loving the ability to own my own practice and offer home and clinic appointments that fit in with families. Thanks for the comment, so lovely to hear from you, hope you and the kids are well 🙂 Val

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