What is your feeding approach?

At Let’s Eat! we often get asked by parents and professionals about our feeding approach. After working in the industry for 18 years, I have refined and developed our Let’s Eat! approach so that it continues to be evidence based and clinically delivers the feeding outcomes that parents want. We use a responsive feeding approach […]

Stop asking your child – “what would you like for dinner?” – what to say instead to your fussy eater…

Day in day out, I see children with feeding difficulties and fussy eating difficulties. As a Paediatric Feeding Speech Pathologist and Feeding therapist, there are some common themes with the fussy eating population. And I would like to share a very common one…. Parent says – “What would you like to eat for dinner tonight?” […]

Reducing the mealtime battles and fussy eating – ‘Division of responsibility’ (Ellyn Satter) in real life.

As you know I recently attended the 3 day Ellyn Satter Australian tour in early September looking at The Feeding Relationship and Eating Competence. The 3 days were great and I have preached her wise words particularly on the Division of Responsibility (DOR) for years. But I walked away with several questions running through my mind and […]